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Please help me!!!

posted by Nonymous99 on - last edited - Viewed by 198 users
Hello. I have the walking dead on my iOS device and I have played episodes 1 and 2 but waited for 3. Recently I recieved some news that episode 3 had just been released for iOS and i got very excited BUT, MY GAME STILL SAYS COMING SOON ON EPISODE 3!:eek:

I am now really annoyed because I waited patiently for 2 months and now I'm getting this! I am VERY desperate to play the rest of the game but it isn't looking good :(. I live in the uk and am I getting these readings because it hasn't been released internationally yet, or is it something else? PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME SOMETHING ON WHY IT STILL SAYS 'coming soon'!:confused:
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