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Is there any plan for adding another method for international shipping?

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Hi, I'm Korean customer and i've ordered Sam & Max season 1 and other stuff on Sep 25.
and I've got shipment confirmation mail on Sep 26.
(Order no.#5793985500)
Today My Stuff is not arrived my home yet.

So I Think my Patience is Gonna losing.:D
(Ah, don't worry. if my things is not arrive for more weeks, then I'll request resend)

Here is the Question - International Post(a. k. a Airmail) is s**k. it is cheap but also very slow. So is there any plan for adding another method for international shipping?(Like Fedex, DHL...ANY TRACKABLE International Shipping Method)
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  • Currently our only international options are economy post and international UPS. We removed UPS international because it was very expensive and posed some problems at customs.

    We are actively looking into ways to improve our fulfillment, and better shipping options (for domestic and international) is on the list of things we'd like to make better. :)
  • Wow, I've got a shipment confirmation mail on Sep. 27(Korean Standard Time), and arrived Today!
    It tooks 27 Days(if only count business day, 19 Days), and It almost Kill My Patience:)
    However, Thank you:)
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