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The Zombie Herd too Continent

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Those zombie arrived a little two fast Macon is like 165 miles from Savannah and the average walk for a human is like 3 to 4 mph lots of math but that means if you were walking it would take about 55 or 41 hours but since they weren't exactly in Macon it may be a little less than that those zombies were just plot convenient anyone else think so?
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  • DreadMagus;704181 said:
    Oh, I thought you were referencing the game "Dead Island." :)
    i was but im pretty sure at the end of dawn of the dead they ended up on an island an the the young boy was bit and turned into a zombie.
  • define "young boy" - I don't remember any kids in either Dawn of the Dead....
  • DreadMagus;704185 said:
    define "young boy" - I don't remember any kids in either Dawn of the Dead....
    No they were chased by the zombies on an island Dead island
  • Walkers generally leave large coties to find more survivors to eat over a while (like the large herd that leaves atlanta in the comic/tv). Which could explain why there are less than you might expect. Plus the bells across the city most likely draw them together at one end of the city. But then you have a loud train traveling for 165 miles drawing all the walkers around back to the city. When vernon asked about the train he must have heard/seen the train or tracks in the distance. He wouldn't even need to see the herd, but seeing the onset of the herd is possible to deduce that he needs to get the fuck out before shit hits the fan.

    I doubt it's the same herd as at the station they stopped at, but all the walkers along tge way instead that are closer to savannah. It's possible it could be the same hers though die to it being 2 days later.
  • well its not exactly 165 miles that's from Macon to Savannah so it could be longer or even shorter
  • thesporkman;704086 said:
    Agreed! These zombies are way too continent! They should be pissing and shitting themselves left and right!
  • The people who voted that zombies are too continent kind of make me chuckle a bit. We know he means convenient, but it's just hilarious to see these words in polls. :p
  • That's why I posted in another thread that they should have put the train in reverse and let it back away from there. It would have led the zombies away from town.
  • Trains don't do
  • it was clearly set up and explained in episode 3 that every zombie for miles is attracted to the noise of the train and crawford was over run by zombies before they got there, if there were not a massive horde of zombies in savannah that would be to convenient
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