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XBOX 360 - UK Release

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Ok, so I know there are sticky threads etc. etc. but they never seem to be updated with the latest information that I want to know.

With The Walking Dead doing well and being available in the UK on 360 I wanted to know why Jurassic Park still isn't?

When you search for game downloads it appears under "J" but isn't available for download? What's going on and when it will be possible for your UK gamers to play this on their Xbox?
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  • Jennifer wrote: »
    Telltale is a medium sized United States based company. They are now big enough to publish their own games on disc on consoles in North America, but they are not big enough to be international. They require external publishers to publish their games in other countries.

    A possible reason that it might appear in the search is because the publisher of the game in the UK was originally going to release it on Xbox 360 and then pulled out of the console release of Jurassic Park in the UK and only published the game on PC.

    Also, I know from experience that publishing contracts are a tricky thing. It's very likely that there is a clause in it that prohibits Telltale from using another publisher for the game in the same region. And the non disclosure agreement likely prohibits them from talking about the specifics of the publishing deal. It stinks, but there's probably very little that that Telltale can do about it.

    I appreciate it's difficult but here in the UK we have the Wallace & Gromit games, the Sam & Max games and of course Walking Dead all on xbla. So for someone like myself, who doesn't know any better, I'd really to see a renewed effort made and this game released for download on xbox in the UK.
  • The reason it appears when you search is cos it's available to buy from Games on Demand, but only on the US Marketplace. I'm kind of surprised Telltale/Universal didn't just open that up and make it available in the UK as well, but I guess that isn't possible cos of their NA only rights.

    But I don't know why Telltale publishing it for Games on Demand is any different to XBLA, where, as you say thebeerdr, they have many titles already available?

    If it's the case that Universal don't have anything to do with publishing whatsoever, then I'd be more surprised; do they just palm off their licenses and let the developer sort out how and where it gets published?
  • This still annoys me too - why has this not had some sort of UK release yet?
    Or at least make the GOD version available to Europe.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    robbttf wrote: »
    This still annoys me too - why has this not had some sort of UK release yet?
    Or at least make the GOD version available to Europe.
    As I said above, publishing contracts likely prevent it. Even the game on demand version is likely blocked from release, since it still requires a publisher. Telltale signed an exclusive publishing deal with Kalypso, which means that they can't release the game through any other publisher in Europe, and it's Kalypso that cancelled the Xbox 360 version of the game. Kalypso's exclusive contract likely even would exclude Telltale themselves (since the contract for publishing rights in Europe is exclusive), preventing a digital release on Xbox Live Games on Demand in Europe.

    Sadly, Telltale likely has no control over this until their contract with Kalypso is up (and according to Kalypso's website, they still have the publishing rights).
  • An exclusivity deal, which has indirectly led to the game not selling to any xbox owners, across the WHOLE of Europe?

    Doh! *slaps forehead with palm*

    I know these games must be hard to publish but Kalypso is a mistake that has probably cost you millions!

    Hopefully their license will expire sooner or later and Telltale can publish the game again successfully and revive this franchise.
  • Avanquest Software is publishing TWD on disc in UK next month, so maybe they'll get the rest of Telltale to UK on disc too.
  • The PC version of Jurassic Park has been available for quite some time now in The Netherlands. I saw it in multiple media-stores around Amsterdam.
    This version to be precise:

    No Xbox version though.
  • there must be some way to play it?
  • It doesn't seem like it - the Xbox Games on Demand version is region locked - even if you try to download it with a U.S. gamer profile on a European console.

    Telltale would need to actually release this on the Europe Xbox LIVE - which seems a slim chance right now, although I'd really like to re-play the game on Xbox.
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