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    Me too but in the ZA I believe it's just called surviving truth be told:) I reacted as I would normally to a crazy group member eating family...I fucking closed shop on their dairy! No way was I gonna just let em turn, get up and continue eating humans. Would've given everyone a headshot if I could. they don't deserve my mercy, just a bullet. But in the real world I so don't kill people...until the walkers come then watch out. If you try to eat my group you are so gutted:p
    The only other humans around were the bandits and they were armed to the teeth. Who would the st johns have been eating exactly? One of them was anchored to the floor in a bear trap that was manipulated so the leg would have to be sawn off and the other was battered to a pulp and could barely walk. The first thing he would have done if he was spared is check on his mother and what would he have found? A zombie version of Brenda that probably would have bitten him if the large group of zombies outside the house didn't get to him first.

    If by some miracle he escaped the farm without Danny and Brenda he would have the bandits on his case and the walkers. The last thing he would want to do is start shit with us. He would be begging us to take him in for his safety if he made it that far in his battered condition. Even Ben could have kicked his arse in the condition he was left in by those that didn't kill him.

    I get that killing them could have felt satisfying but the idea of them coming back and being a threat if you didn't, is as likely in the world of the walking dead as a cure being found for the zombie virus. I know the Governor came back when Michonne didn't finish him off in the comics but he had a medical facility and people in Woodbury with medical experience. The St Johns were fucked whether we killed them or not.
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    When I completed episode 2 and I was among the small percentage of people who had killed both St. Johns Brothers.... What is wrong with people!! They would have eaten you alive lest they had the chance!!!

    I killed both as well.

    They were responsible for Mark & Larry's deaths and the indirect cause of an incident that even unspoiled, I knew was going to split the group. Of course they had also planned and murdering and eating the rest of the survivors, including Clem.

    They both needed to die.
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    Andy pulled his sad-puppy-eyed bullshit, the group was right there watching and silently judging (I presume) and I let him live. Although, in hindsight, it would have been more merciful to kill him.
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    Andy could have easily killed himself if he wanted to. Just thrown himself into the electric fence. He specifically wanted Lee to be the one to kill him. To become a monster like him. It was the same as with Danny. For their own reasons, they both want to drag you down to their level. I wasn't about to let them taint me as their last act.
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    I did not want Lilly to hate me so I did not kill them.
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    I regretted how it was done. There was no reason for Lee to decide on his own (it should have been put to a vote) and people could have decided whether they wanted to watch the executions or not. Kids didn't need to see it.

    The people who just wanted to get their group and leave the St Johns alive are pretty irresponsible. And the people who wanted the St Johns to be eaten by zombies (instead of executed) are into revenge, not justice.

    +1 for this. I didn't kill either brother, for this exact line of reasoning.

    The brothers were going to die. I knew that after I saw Mark. Poor bastard. That said, I didn't feel like doing vigilante justice. If I had been on my own, I would have though. My plan was to have it be a proper execution, only if doing so was convenient though. I wasn't about to go easy on them to make sure they were captured alive or anything like that. I am only merciful when convenient, which is why I had no problems killing Larry off after Kenny had explained his fears to me. No damn way I was letting him turn into a walker in that situation.

    The first brother was in a bear trap, so I didn't feel the need to kill him off, yet. The second, I hit until he stopped fighting and then went to the group. I did not beat him to a pulp or stop only when the group gathered around. Despite what they did, I had no compelling need to torture them.

    I had full intentions of replaying the game if the group didn't kill them off at the end but the zombies came instead, so I left them to be eaten. Honestly, I felt that it was a cop out to have the zombies kill them, so that you could keep your hands clean.

    Same as when we found the food. Whether you steal the food or not you still end up eating it and if you don't eat it you starve to death instead. That said, the brothers did die at the end, which was the important thing.

    A proper group decision to kill them off would have been appreciated though.
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    I spared them just for them to face a fate worse than a quick death, leaving them to the walkers for them to deal with. Danny was trapped in his own contraption with no means to get out, and Andy's spirit is left broken, they were no longer a treat to the group in their condition.
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