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I can't login with opera. I don't see the login form. It's really annoying because konqueror doesn't display the site right.
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  • I use Opera and am logged in fine. Of course, I'm on Opera for Windows, maybe there's something different on Linux?

    Then yet again... there's the issue that the top banner on the Telltale site is a piece of flash, so maybe the appropriate plugin on Linux isn't working with Opera even it works with Firefox/Konqueror?
  • yeah under Linux both Opera and Firefox don't show login fields, konqueror yes, but please fix this, we don't have IE and also don't want to have that crappy and buggy piece of software.

    Flash is the same 9.0.45 here for all browsers, but probably some rendering behaviors change from browsers.
    Flash sucks in general under Linux, so less you use and better is.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    I'm workin on it.
  • Here's a workaround, at least for Firefox. If you download the Adblock extension, you can use flashblock then adblock the nav-banner. Log in, then un-adblock it.

    If you set it to remember you, then you shouldn't have to do that again till the next time they mess with the website and force everyone to log in again.
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