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Episode 3 not available on iPad 3

posted by Aarond on - last edited - Viewed by 438 users
Had the same problem with Episode 2. Blogs report game is available, but my game will not update. Have rebooted several times, closed all apps, etc. Still, no luck.

Telltale Games, I am clearly not the only person with this problem. Would you please post a sticky message acknowledging that this is a known problem and suggesting solutions?

I don't want to delete and reinstall because I will lose all my progress and decisions in the game.

Thank you,
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  • Am I being foolish and missing out on some sort of support document for iPad users who want to play new episodes of Walking Dead? I know Telltale Games is supporting a zillion products across multiple platforms, but this is very frustrating.
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    Please make sure you have a strong wifi connection before starting the game application. You will need to get an update on launch so the game application knows the episode is available. After the update installs, you will be taken to the Main menu. From here, you should be able to download episode 3.
  • I have a *ridiculously* strong wifi signal. It is a solid 30 Mbps downstream, and 5 Mbps upstream. You say I will need to "get an update on launch" so the game knows it should look for the new content.

    Is there something I need to do manually to tell the game to "update on launch?" I keep rebooting and loading the game, and it just isn't choosing to update itself.

    Matt, do you think it might be possible to post a sticky thread that acknowledges this issue and discusses potential solutions? Thanks!
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