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Lee in The walking Dead tv show

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i just wanted to post this in the season premiere of season 3 i noticed there was a walker that looked like lee i know this is a coincidence. Just saying lee was going to that prison before he crashed maybe its possible that this is lees T.V show counterpart this is kind of like a alternative universe from the comics. I cant find a picture but can tell the exact time into the show on tv he appeared in the show which is exactly 13:55 the makeup alters his face but he kind of looks like lee just saying who else seen him?
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  • its possible but improbable
  • Dildor;705332 said:
    :) :)

    I went ahead and uploaded the clip in question so other people can see it. I think it looks more like Will Smith than Lee.
    thanks for the clip but dont you think if someone were to play as lee will smith would be a choice.
    1. Denzel Washington
    2. Will smith
    3. Michael jai white (best choice)
    4. Idris?
  • KingOfTheDead;705343 said:
    4. Idris?
    No second choice.
  • BlankCanvasDJ;705345 said:
    No second choice.
    Idris elba. but Micheal looks more like lee that any other black actor
  • Maybe it would be cool to have a spin-off with Lee as the main character.
  • KingOfTheDead;705249 said:
    or is it? -__-
    Lilly's been gone for 2 days, so when Lilly gets there the baby is born.
    so i'd say it took lilly the same 7 months :P
  • No the tv show and comics have little bit different story line and the walking dead game is based in the same universe as the comic.
    BTW The tv show isn't as good as the comic IMO... Maybe it is because in tv show things happen fast as fuck!
  • Walker#8;705283 said:
    Actually At the time that Rick and his group reach the prison it's been nearly a year since he came out of his coma and started wandering around(TV Series). In the game it's barely been a little over 3 months so far.
    I tried to make sense of this:

    in game its been only about 3 months since the beginning of the apocalypse, in TV show about only 10 months or so, Lilly doesn't get there until the 9 or 10 months.
    so my theory is after Lee's death he MIGHT have walked all the way to the prison from Savannah to wherever.
    At a normal walker's walk rate it could have taken "Lee" 7 months to walk there
  • Sounds a lil racist to me. I saw a black walker, it must be Lee lol. Nope.
  • He doesn't look like Lee at all.
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