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Walking Dead Season PASS Problem

posted by duninho on - last edited - Viewed by 5.3K users
Hi. I'm not quite good with english so I migh have some problems with explanation what is exactly happens all the time.

Firstible, I paid on PS Store for The Walking Dead Season PASS and go to download section. Then I downloaded TWD Theme and Ep.1 (here I can see some blue sign "unlock game"?? I'm not sure is that what is mean). I don't have an account on PS Plus (seriously needed?).

Maybe I don't have some application wich I must download?

Couse the problem is when I go to section "game" on PS3 I can see Walking Dead then I use Triangle button and... I might only choose between delete game or information about it.

Someone please help me! I try play this since yesterday, I've seen clips on youtube this game is very interesitng.

Looking forward to get rid of my problem.
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    You must install both the game data (Demo) and the Unlock Key to play the first episode.
  • MattP wrote: »
    You must install both the game data (Demo) and the Unlock Key to play the first episode.

    where do i find the Demo!? cause ive searched the darn PSN store and can not find the Demo, just the Season pass wich include, theme and unlocker!? and if i search the PSN store all i see is the season pass.... getting frustrated now!:mad::mad::mad:
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    If you do a search for 'Walking Dead' on the Playstation Store, you will see the various Episodes listed. Select Episode 1 and then 'download' and you will see 2 downloadable files. 1 is the game content (demo), the other is the unlock key.
  • why make everything so complicated! why not like the Iphone version ?
  • Almost same problem here.
    A few weeks ago, I downloaded the trial version of Episode 1. After playing with it, I deleted it to free hd space. This evening, I bought Season Pass and proceed to download the files. All I have are the two files with the theme and the unlocker (the 2187kb file). When I go to the Episode 1 page, all I can download is the unlocker, there are no other files there. Could it be a problem with the new store?
    My problem, now, is I have my season pass, but I can't start from Episode 1... :(
  • Ok, just for the records, I'm trying with a workaround.
    I created a second PSN account, a dummy one, (and of course a second account on my PS3) and I'm now downloading the demo of Episode 1 (the 474Mb file). Once it finishes, I will switch to my main account (the one with the Season Pass payed) and see if it works. I hope so.
    I'll keep you updated. :rolleyes:
  • It's working!
    I launched the trial with my main account and I see all episodes from 2 to 4 purchased and available for download. I still have to play to be 100% sure, but maybe this can be a solution...
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    If you have a season pass, but the demo is not listed in the Episode 1 download list, please contact Sony Support to resolve this issue. We will try to verify this information locally, and if we do, we will also contact them.
  • I guess I'm having the same problem. I decided to buy yesterday the whole package (the 20€ season pass) and all i could get was the premium theme and some weird 2100kb file that doesn't help.. I get that there's some key to unlock the whole thing, but we can't actually download it on the store.

    I'm stuck with a save of TWD in my ps3 but can't do anything with it.
    Plus there's no sign of any of the other episodes I downloaded and installed.
  • Well it seems that the demo file is in the historic of the downloads in the store...
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