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witch location would you go to to survive a zombie outbreak

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A area 51 usa

b buckingham palace united kingdo,

c taj mahal india
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  • What kind of loopy ass choices are those?

    the buckingham palace is smack dab in the middle of a densely populated urban center, the taj mahal is in one of the most overpopulated countries on earth, and Area 51 is a desert.

    Area 51 may seem like a good idea at first, but you'd better have decent food stores, 'cause there's no way you'll be able to live off the land.
  • Area 51, dat alien technology will help against walkers :D
  • buckingham palace has big walls and fences (defensible) and is in a city(bad for zombies but good for supplies) and the river/sea (escape plan) but as said these are crazy choices :D
  • I wouldn't be able to reach any of those locations.
  • Agree'd, all of the location's given here are crappy (No Offense); I would pick Area 51 though.
  • I ain't going near any witches.
  • What is this, I don't even......
  • Hmm, if I wander to one of these places I am sure that I would die.. Anyway these are not really good locations to survive I think and if you are talking about sightseeing during the apocalypse I wouldn't be interested in a military base in the USA but if I have to choose one of these as a starting location during an outbreak I would choose Area 51..
    The real area of my choice would be a bigger alpine cabin (hope I found the wright word in the dictionary :P ) in the alpes. The winters are pretty cold there but normally they have stored enough wood for about 1 year. There is food for some months (and there are normally surrounding farms which have also food and hunting rifles). If you are lucky then there are even still cows there. Best thing is that you have a great view -> you see them comming; a lot of fences (because of the cows during the summer) -> can't overrun you over night easily; far away from bigger civilisation -> if you are not that loud they wouldn't come for you. There I would stay as long I can mannage getting food but I think for at least one year. If there is no civilisation left after that year we are all fucked anyway ;)
  • I'd go to Antarctica.:cool:
  • I'd go to a shopping mall, that's never been done before.
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