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Double Fine Game Club playing Sam & Max Hit The Road

edited March 2013 in Sam & Max
G'day everyone

The community run Double Fine Game Club will be playing Sam & Max Hit The Road over the next few weeks, and we'd like to invite all Sam & Max fans (as well as anybody else) to join us in playing, discussing and reminiscing about the awesome duo's first computer adventure.

Basically, we all play through a game a few hours at a time, then come together once a week to talk about it whilst somebody does a stream so that those who don't have the game or aren't interested in re-playing it can still feel involved.

Our planning/discussion thread can be found here, and our weekly chat/game stream happens here on Saturdays 2:00pm PDT (click for your timezone)

It's entirely informal and everybody is welcome! :D



P.S. If Steve Purcell is reading this, we've previously had developers join us to do Q&A via IRC for some of the games we've played, and it would be super awesome to do something similar for Hit The Road in S&M's 25th year ^_^


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