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What platform have you been playing Walking Dead on?

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What platform have you been playing WD on? If you've played/been playing on multiple platforms, which was your favourite?
I've been playing it on PS3, but also played a bunch of Ep2 on PC, and really want to try it on iOS. If anyone's playing it on an iPad, please let me know how it is, how the framerate is, and if the controls are good.
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  • I can only play it on iOS, nothing else.
  • I'm not quite sure what you're asking. The thread title asks what platform are you playing TWD on, yet the poll asks what is your preferred platform. For me the answer is different for those two questions.

    I.E. I'm playing it on my iPad. But I'd prefer to play on my 360 or PS3. Living in NZ neither of those options are available to me.
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