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Please make another Larry style character

posted by TheNNerdGamer on - last edited - Viewed by 491 users
i would suggest to make another Larry character style character.
he wuz like so laughable
i'd like to see a similar character for season two
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  • Yes^^
    We'll the character supposed to be how you make him so make you lee an a$$ like larry
  • Larry's insults were comedy gold. You can't simply recreate that kind of magic.
  • I don't think that Larry was significantly known for being funny. He was known to be an asshole. I don't know, people like this come and go in TWD all the time. I'm pretty sure we'll see someone like him in season 2.
  • Can't wait till Larry 2.0!
  • I enjoy having an antagonistic character in the group. To me Larry was a character made to be hated and Telltale succeeded at that.

    I'd love to see another antagonist in the group in season 2, I like that they have someone who hates the protagonist no matter what you do, it seems to work better than when they get all wishy washy with liking or disliking you (especially when their responses seem to get all mixed up and don't quite fit the relationship you've built up with them).
  • I dunno about you guys but I loved Larry.

    It must be that charm he has coming out of his ass.
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