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Time between seasons?

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Its roughly around 40 - 60 days for Telltale to make a new episode of the walking dead, but now we're on the last episode. Kind of hard to believe, but here we are. For anyone with past Telltale experience with release dates regarding new seasons, how much time do you think we got until season 2 comes out?

Gotta figure out how to cryogenically freeze myself.
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  • It IS Telltale's most successful franchise yet.

    And I still don't expect a sequel before 2014.

    Unless they have dev kits for the next gen consoles, I'm pretty sure they'll want to bust out a sequel before then.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Hmmmm... one of the games I am looking forward to most is explicitly delayed BECAUSE Michel Ancel wants to get it out for the next console generation... I agree it's stupid, but that's how some game developers see the situation! :o

    I'm pretty sure not much will change for the console variety of the Telltale tool anyway, with the slight difference that they'll finally have an acceptable amount of RAM at their disposal. :D

    Two major and fixed releases next year, starting with Fables and then possibly BTTF Season 2 (IF the Christopher Lloyd rumor has any substance to it), with a bit of luck even King's Quest afterwards. And I assume that Telltale might even want to do something then or in between that hasn't been announced more than two years ago. It's all in the cards.

    I'm not saying a 2013 TWD Season is impossible. Yup, the success of the first Season could speed up things considerably. But Telltale has A LOT left on its plate before they can or should think about Season 2.

    I still say Q3 2014. We could have a Season 2 release quarter guessing game up by January, what do you think? :)
  • Red Panda wrote: »
    Unless they have dev kits for the next gen consoles, I'm pretty sure they'll want to bust out a sequel before then.

    Hmm, now that you've mentioned the new consoles, I'm thinking maybe (like Vainamoinen) they won't have the next season out before 2014. Oh yeah, and the other games they are currently working on.

    Then again, to really cash in it'll probably be good to still release it on these current consoles considering the install base.
  • I personally think Season 2 will probably be timed so that it finishes before Christmas 2013. So maybe 6 months? A lot of people seem to be indicating they think other series will have to be made first but let's face it, they're much more niche where as TWD appeals to a significant number of mainstream. Telltale may even expand their dev team so they can take advantage of more the popular franchises.
  • Am I the only one who thinks something like this is so great that it should not have a follow up? :-(
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    WoodMan wrote: »
    Am I the only one who thinks something like this is so great that it should not have a follow up? :-(

    No. No you're not. We've reached the pinnacle of hopelessness (and therewith the embodiment of the comics) with this Season. I really don't see how a second Season could NOT repeat exactly the same stuff over and over. After all, that's what the comics do as well, and I don't think they're looking good for it. I liked Season 1 surprisingly well despite not liking the creation it's based on... but that's just me. :o
  • Ninnuendo wrote: »
    I imagine Telltale will want to strike while the iron is hot. Technically they could probably start a 2nd season after about 3 months, the engine already exists, they know what they're doing by this point, it's just the writing process and the graphical skins they need.
    What I expect is that we'll see Season 2 around the end of May, after the AMC show has finished, so to get a clean run at the promotion. I certainly don't envisage it taking a year or longer now that they've actually announced a 2nd season.

    You're living in a fantasy land if you think May is even a possibility. Telltale's already confirmed that Fables is coming next. Based on how Telltale operates, they would have had a small team working on Fables for the past ten months or so. They're going to want to see some return on that sooner rather than later. They're also going to want to sell season 1 to as many people as possible before Season 2. So we're looking at late 2013 - early 2014 if they do TWD right after Fables and mid 2014 if they do something else first (ie, King's Quest).

    The other factor is Activision's Walking Dead game. Telltale is not going to want to release anywhere near Activision's release. Amazon has December 2013 as a placeholder for Activision's game right now. If that ends up being accurate, I'll be very surprised if Season 2 comes before Q2, 2014.
  • I hope it is a while. Do you remember when Sam & Max Season 2 came out and it looked pretty much identical to Season 1, but after a long break Season 3 looked dramatically different to both those seasons?

    I want it to take a while so the tech side of things can be upgraded.
  • WoodMan wrote: »
    Am I the only one who thinks something like this is so great that it should not have a follow up? :-(

    I agree. And if it must have a follow up, I'd rather they wait a few years and let this one breathe first.

    I'm hoping Season 2 comes after Fables, King's Quest and Back to the Future 2 (and maybe another Sam & Max or Monkey Island because, hey, a guy can dream, right?). I don't want Telltale to suddenly become the Walking Dead Company just because that's currently their most popular title.
  • It's unlikely they'll have two episodic games going at the same time, so here is my prediction. TWD season 2 will come to us after Fables (which will run for 8-12 months for 5-6 episodes by previous experience) but before King's Quest. Once King's Quest is done and they realise that even though Fables is an awesome franchise, it doesn't have the pull of a huge franchise like Walking Dead, they'll bang out a new season every 12-18 months, because right now, that's where the money is.

    And can you blame them? Massive critical acclaim. Lots of money. A massive pre-existing fan-base. For any company, Walking Dead is a no-brainer.

    As for the thinking that TWD would need to wait for next-gen on consoles, Telltale release on multiple platforms, including PC and mobile, which means they aren't really bound by the gen to gen model. Also, why would you wait to produce for a new generation where the market is relatively unpopulated compared to the current gen, which is in a vast number of western homes.
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