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A question about the walking dead.

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I'm kinda a newb to the whole walking dead (Tv series and game) and there's a question really bothering me... Will there just be an episode 5 and then that's all for the game or is there going to be more!? It makes sense to me to have more than that but I just wanted to clear things up.

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  • Telltale has confirmed a season 2. It has not been specified how many episodes there are going to be, though.
  • Episode 5 is the finale to season 1. Basically meaning that IS the end to the game.

    There is a season 2, which is another set of episodes, but it is it's own game and you would have to pay for those as if you were paying for a sequal to a video game.
  • There is gonna be a season 2 of the game.. and maybe 3 if the game made a greater success !!! So its important to keep supporting Telltale.
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