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Radio Guy

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I know this is an old topic but The Radio guy I know there are some facts that disprove this but i'm gonna go ahead with it any way. Remember the Guy with the Bill Cosby sweater. Well one of the Trophy's is called "Whats in The Bag" and the Bill Cosby guy "boyd" had a paper bag just curious i know it may not mean anything but did anyone notice?
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    K0t0 BANNED
    I imagine that chapter being some cliche tension heart pounding moment where there is blood leaking from the bag and you have to open it an part of you thinks its part of clementine, but it was a zombie head all along trololol
  • Araron;708876 said:
    What??? :confused:
    A trophy in episode 5 is "whats in the bag"
  • It's extremely unlikely that Boyd was the radio guy. Comparing it to the chapter 6 trophy of episode 5, it's safe to say that it looks more like a purse rather than a paper bag. As for Boyd, I don't think that Telltale will give such a small character enough development to become the radio man.
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