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Save file problem

posted by Mr.Obvious on - last edited - Viewed by 1.2K users
Hello Telltale, I wanted to just explain my problem after the patch solving the save corruption. When I was started up the game the message was on my screen, after turning off my ps3 my save files were still there, so i continued playing normaly. I use 3 save files to play different episodes and chapters, The first save file had episode 4 completed. The second had Episode 2 on chapter 2, and the third had episode 2 chapter 7. The problem is, after the patch I wanted to play my 3rd save file on episode 2. I made sure to rewind a checkpoint on my 3 save files first. So after i finished the chapter i exit into the main menu and I load save file 1 and it takes me to episode 2 instead of episode 4. My first save file had episode 4 and everytime I play the episode 2 files it keeps doing the same thing. I tried this with episode 3 and 4 and nothing happend. Does this mean that there is a problem with episode 2? Please help me figure this out.
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    When you say nothing happened on 3 and 4, does this mean when you play those episodes, they load and play normally or the game doesn't load at all?
  • Episode 1,3,4 run fine without the problem episode 2 has. The game loads and runs perfectly fine, but when i start on episode 2 it always has the same problem.
  • Whenever I start episode 2 on a save file and choose a chapter I exit into the menu at any time and I choose my first save file that has episode 4 completed. Normaly after completing episode 4 it takes you to episode 5 in the episode selection but when I play episode 2 it takes me to episode 2 instead of 5. This applies to all 3 save files aswell , it just takes me to episode 2 anyway
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    When you complete an episode, the next time you select that save it should take you to the next episode's selection screen. So if you have completed Episode 2 and reload your save, it should scroll to Episode 3.
  • My episode 2 isnt completed, I just use it to play my favorite chapters on it but when the problem started I couldnt play that save file. I tried it again a few minutes ago and it did the same thing

    Heres a video of what I mean.

    Oh and also after exiting to the menu and choose a save file, it always ends on the 2nd save file anyway. That is also
    shown in the video
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    I watched the video and spent some time with QA and they were able to reproduce this issue. We have now escalated the issue for further investigation and hopefully we can find a solution.

    From what I gather, it appears that rewinding or loading an Episode 2 save will lock that slot and always load from it regardless of which is checked. This only appears to be the case if the save that's first loaded is an Episode 2 save.

    Until we can figure out what's causing this, you can work around this issue by exiting to the XMB, restarting the game, and then selecting the slot you'd like to play from.
  • Thank you very much Telltale, hopefully this is resolved soon.
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