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TWD PC: Ep.2 Chpt. 2 bug, + Mouse lag *Mild spoilers*

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Hi. I'm playing on PC and I'm up to the bit where the teacher with a missing leg on the back of the ute dies then wakes up as a zombie and tries to bite Katjaa & Lee. I can get the zombie off Katjaa by pressing Q repeatedly then E, but then when the zombie goes for me, there's no prompt for what to do, and nothing I can click on. I've tried button mashing and clicking all over the place and nothing works, he just kills me every time. Any ideas?

Also, I've been having pretty intense mouse lag right from the start, and the frame-rate is fairly poor at times too. I've got a decent laptop which can run most high-end games (e.g. Battlefield 3) with no problems, but in TWD the mouse won't work properly unless I set the resolution to well below 640x400.
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    We recommend using a dedicated graphics card and not an intel integrated card. If you are using the latter, this might explain the problem. Alternatively, if you are using an ATI card, please try the various troubleshooting steps mentioned here.

    If you are still having trouble progressing through this scene, please search for a walkthrough online. If the issue is a missing selection node, then please rewind your game 1-2 checkpoints and replay to this point.
  • I had the same problem.

    You just have to click madly around his face hoping to hit some invisible marker.

    If you fend him off once, you know you are doing it right. 2-3 fend offs / head smacked against the side and the struggles move to a new fase.

    Annoying as hell, but eventually you will pull through.

    Also - rewinding did nothing to help. Just grind through it.

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