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Technical questions about TWD art development

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Hello there.

I've been really enjoying the art style of TWD games; so much that I"m thinking of mimicking it for a project of my own.

I'm curious about how the in game art assets are structured. In close up shots of the characters I can see that the inked layer is slightly offset from the colored layer. I'm guessing that there are 2 meshes rendered for every object. One with the coloring, and another on top with the inking and alpha transparency.

Am I correct on that? I understand why this would be done. I suppose it gives control over resolution of the color and ink independently, allowing to scale the larger textures down in resolution while maintaining sharp inked lines. Is this correct, and is this done for every object in the game world or only characters?

Also, if this is accurate I would imagine the texture size is quite a bit larger than an average game, not to mention the geometry needing to be rendered twice. I'd think that this is why the game isn't release for older iOS hardware.

Based on my best guess at your art style, I'm planning to move ahead in that direction, and perhaps have a separate copy for older devices, where color and ink are all merged into one low res texture, to try and get decent performance on older devices.

Any insights that can be posted are appreciated (or link me to it, if the info is already mentioned. I didn't find anything specific by way of Google)

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