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Which voice actor delivered the best performance?

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  • While there are cooler options, the Christa and Andy lines were delivered best and most believable IMO.
  • While I think that Dave Fennoy (Lee) and Melissa Hutchinson (Clementine) delivered the best performances in general, the most powerful performance was dealt from Gavin Hammon (Kenny), when Kenny found out that Ben was indirectly responsible for Duck and Katjaa's death.
  • Lee´s "It´s Over!" always seemed a bit too hammy for me to be believable xD.

    I voted for Lilly. Her voice acting in that scene was superb, probably what made it so hard and heart-wrenching. "Get back here and finish this, Lee!" was a close second.
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    Added the voice actors' names to the poll = more appreciation for their work. ;)
  • Had to go for Clem, I think Melissa Hutchinson has an amazing VO career ahead of her if she wants it.
  • Lilly is really well played in Episode 2 and 3, I think. 2 especially.
  • I voted for Clem, but it's a very tough choice. I don't think there's a weak link in the bunch.
  • On episode 2 one of the factors that made me side with Lilly was the voice-acting, it really got to me. Well done :)

    Oh, and Kenny's voice acting on episode 4, when Ben tells him about Kat and Duck... that was pretty amazing as well.
  • Lee's "It's over!" line, and the way he says "No..." after he sees he's been bitten, as well as a few others were top notch, so I voted for him. I'd also vote for Kenny though, for his discussion with Kat after he stops the train in Episode 3, and when he finds out that Ben is responsible for his family's death in 4. Of course, Lilly had some great ones too, especially in the meat locker. This is an unfair poll, there are too many great VAs in this game!
  • I still Ben's voice acting is the best, especially in the scenes where he sees the herd of walkers or his life or death moment. Ben, Molly, Andy, and Kenny were the characters that immersed me in the game the most. But Ben won with "You have to go now!" when he wants you to leave him and save Clementine.
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