Episode 4 buggy rewind

Ok, I've had alot of problems with the walking dead (steam version) and I have been very patient for example through out all the episodes my saves are bugged so every time I wanted to continue I had to copy the pref folder to my steam apps and I'm very annoyed over the course of 4 episodes tell tale games havent fixed this so when I do play I usually play through the ep in one sitting so I only have to the pref thing once well I didnt on ep 4 as it was late and I was tired so I come back on in the morning did the pref thing and it didnt work so I decided I had had enough so stopped playing tonight I realise I copied the pref folder luckily I always make copies so I copied the right one and I was very happy to see that my save was back and it was on the part I was on so I contiued it started at the start of the ep so I quit to main menu to rewind and saw that I was only aload to load the first part so I quit copied pref folder again and went back on I was happy again as I clicked on rewind and saw the right part was there so I rewinded to it and again it started from the ep begining I have done the process twice now with now result so please help and possibly fix!!
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