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Major saving error

posted by MC18 on - Viewed by 185 users
Ok so due to circumstances, when the 1st 2 episodes came out I downloaded them using MY account on my FRIEND'S xbox. Those worked fine. NOW i've downloaded 3 and 4 orignally on MY xbox with MY account and everytime i try to play the game after redownloading 1-2 on my xbox it doesn't show any of my saves even though i transfer my saves from his xbox under my account onto my xbox. On top of this the xbox won't save any of my games that i try to start. I found a temporary way around this but it didn't save my episode 4 playthrough and when i used this temp fix to let my friend play it wrote over my orignal save slot even though I picked a blank slot for him to play on. Please I need help, i want to play my games on my xbox and at least have them save! :(
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