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Train Camera/Tracking error

posted by Voxelflinger on - last edited - Viewed by 359 users
Right after the target practice section the train camera pulls out at an angle as the train goes down the track. After awhile the camera loses tracking and the angle goes to 45 degrees and goes below the ground plane of the scene.

I am now watching the train from below the ground and the game is just stuck.
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  • Hey,

    I think I had exact same glitch - the camera starts panning though the trees and just keeps going through the earth and on and on and on, until i reset it.

    I just reloaded my save and next time i tried it worked fine. No idea what caused it but it only happened the once, and I was able to complete ep.3

    Sadly, now that I've downloaded ep.4 my game is broke... Aggghhhhh! - I have gotten over the most extreme case of nerd rage I've experienced since I was a spotty teenager playing Soccer games and i am now awaiting a patch before playing again.

    I only wish my controller wasn't so close at hand when it happened, or my housemate...
  • Last night I turned the XBOX back on and started the game. It picked up where I left off and the error with the camera never came back. i finished episode 3 and bought episode 4. I must say that so far this last episode (4) has been a bit on the creepy side compared to 1 - 3.
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