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Crashing after Clicking to Continue

posted by Raikyr on - last edited - Viewed by 698 users
So I bought Walking Dead from the Steam Halloween Sale yesterday and was excited to be able to play this awesome game. Until I found out that after clicking to continue on the main screen that the game crashes. I've tried all the possible fixes put on Steam's and TellTale's forums but non of them worked. I've tried reinstalling Steam, reinstalling the game, trying different compatabilities, running as administrator, etc... I'm hoping a fix can be found for this because I'm really disappointed that I can't play this game.
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  • Okay I don't know what part of this caused the game to work but here is what I did. I updated Java, installed all the windows updates, went to Nvidia's website and downloaded the beta driver that was released for my card a week ago and then restarted my comp. And for some reason the game works now. Might have been the uninstalling Steam and reinstalling it last night and it only took effect after I restarted but I'm not sure. I'm also running it in compatibility with Windows 98/ME and with disable visual themes, disable desktop composition and disable display scaling on high DPI settings and with dinput8.dll in my walking dead folder. So I'm not sure which of these "fixes" actually caused the game to work. Sorry I couldn't be more help to the ones that are still having it not work. I know how frustrating this is for you.
  • same thing happens to me but i bought it through telltale not steam. ive updated my graphics card, windows is always up to date but i didnt update java yet i;ll give that a go. in the past i would just ctrl,alt,del until i got lucky enough where it wouldnt crash. i would love if it actually worked like a proper game because its so much fun to play.
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