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  • I found that to be something of a turning point in Harry's view of Snape. I mean, he still hates him, but when he was using the book, he grew to like the Prince's sense of humor and started actually learning Potions.

    That says to me that if it wasn't for Snape's immediate and unconditional loathing of Harry since they first met in book one, they might have actually gotten along. Which is kinda weird if you think about it, but given how similar Harry is, personality-wise, to Lily, also makes sense.
    this. very much this.
  • Fred Weasley, who was half of the staple comic relief for the entire series, gets barely a few sentences about his demise. We don't even get a hint of what's going to happen to George after the series.

    In the books, I think it says that Ron went into business with George and they ran the prank shop that George & Fred ran while Ron then went to work with Harry at the Ministry of Magic.

    Here's Ron's page on the Harry Potter wiki where it says that Ron went into business with Fred.

    [url] http://harrypotter.wikia.com/wiki/Ronald_Weasley[/url]
  • That's not in the books. That's from interviews with Rowling.

    There are other interviews where she says that Ron and Harry go on to become the leading experts working in the Aurors office.
  • Anyone ever read the James Potter series by G.N. Lippert? Fourth book is currently being released by the chapter. First three books were pretty damn good, I must say-- even as a self-proclaimed Potterphile.
  • I want them released in an ebook format other than PDF. PDFs suck as ebooks, and the current tools which can convert PDF to ePub, KF8 or Mobi don't work very well.

    I even wrote to the author and asked for a Kindle-friendly format, but he never responded.

    EDIT: Oh, well it seems he does have them out in ePub and mobi. When I wrote to him, Hall of Elders Crossing was the only book out.

    Hey, I just might read them then.
  • I'm more of a fan of Lily and the Half-Blood Prince. It's a very well done fanfiction-book thingee that basically goes through Snape and Lily's friendship and almost-romance, ending with the end of their association. I quite like it because it really gives some solid grounding to a lot of the Harry Potter series.
  • I'm a fan of Prisoner of Azkaban just because of all the time travel mischief.
  • My favorite is Half Blood Prince, followed closely by Prisoner of Azkaban.
  • Gonna have to go with Goblet. I loved the other wizarding communities and the Quidditch World Cup and all that good stuff. And I enjoyed the transition to a darker Harry Potter.
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