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Why was it cancelled?

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I ordered the Sam & Max Sn1: ST, but I just received an email telling me it had been cancelled, either at my request or the request of the manufacturer. I never cancelled. What happened to my order?

order number xxxxxxx400

Nathaneil England
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  • I bet they canceled it because you chose UPS and your shipping address is a PO Box. Our provider has this dumb policy of accepting orders with PO boxes and then letting the fulfillment house cancel then when they realize UPS can't deliver to that address.

    I'm pretty annoyed at them because I already complained about this once. I'll get it straightened out for you. Sorry for the hassle.
  • Now I know why it was cancelled. The initial paypay transaction failed. But they still charged my account. According to the details, they still sent the money.

    Can I be reimbersed, or can my order be redeemed?

  • I heard this morning from DR that a refund has been processed. Can you check your account and see if the funds have been credited back? (Sometimes it takes a day or two.)

    Also, whatever the reason for the original cancellation, I know from past experience that if you try to place another order using UPS and a PO Box shipping address, you'll be able to place the order but it'll be canceled later on. Could you either use a different shipping address or Economy Mail for the shipping type instead?

    If this is going to be a problem or if you have any other questions, please send me a PM and we can talk through this further. Thanks!
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