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CSI Hard Evidence crashes just like TDOM

posted by Vampira on - last edited - Viewed by 671 users
I’ve been in contact with Telltale’s customer support, but now I decided to write here so everyone can take a look. I had a problem with the earlier CSI game Three Degrees of Murder, where the videoclips overheated the video card and crashed my computer or gave me the blue screen of death. I wanted to know if this problem continues with the new CSI Hard Evidence.
My computer (with Windows XP) had (and still has) ATI Radeon 9100 card, and now I was told that this overheating problem was fixed in a new update of the driver, and there should be no problems with the new CSI game. So I got the game, but lo and behold, the game has already crashed three times during the first case… Twice it crashed during or at the end of the video clips, and once it crashed just when a flashback was starting to play. This time around there has not been the BSOD and the computer hasn’t rebooted itself like it sometimes did with TDOM, but my computer just freezes and the screen goes black. I loved the first two CSI games, which by the way worked like a dream. Now it seems I can’t finish Hard Evidence, just like I couldn’t TDOM.
I hope these games will some day be released on Nintendo DS, so I could enjoy them too.
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  • Hi Vampira,

    We had been told by ATI that the problem was fixed with new drivers, so I'm sorry you're still having it. :(

    Could you let us know what driver version you're using so we can contact ATI about this? Also, what are the rest of your system specs?
  • My system specs are:

    Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP Professional (Service pack 1)
    Processor: AMD Athlon XP, 2000 MHz (7.5 x 267) 2400+
    Motherboard: Asus A7N266-VM (3 PCI, 1 AGP, 2 DIMM, Audio, Video)
    Chip set: nVIDIA nForce 220 (DDR)
    Main memory: 1024 MB (DDR SDRAM)
    BIOS: Award Medallion (08/30/02)
    Display adapter: Radeon 9100 series (64 MB)
    3D accelerator: ATI Radeon 9100 (R200)
    Sound card: nVIDIA nForce MCP Audio Codec Interface (driver version 6.14.442.30)
    nVIDIA nForce MCP Audio Processing Unit (Dolby Digital)

    My display driver version is
    I use F-Secure virus protection, which I disabled before playing the game.
  • Thanks (and sorry for the delay). I'll see what I can find out for you.
  • Hi Vampira,

    It sounds like these are two different problems. The overheating (leading to Blue Screen of Death) was the problem that ATI resolved in a driver update. (Were you ever able to play 3 Dimensions of Murder, or did it always overheat even after you updated your drivers?)

    The freezes and black screens you're experiencing with CSI4 sound more like general performance stuff (it's still a problem, but I don't think the video card is overheating). We did some investigating into your video card and the end result is that I don't think it meets the specs of the game. According to Wikipedia, the card was billed as a 9100 in Europe and an 8500LE in North America, and it uses DirectX 8.0 as a baseline (the game requires DirectX 8.1). I'm sorry, because I know the specs on the back of the box say the Radeon 9000 family should work, but in this case we're pretty sure the card is a little too old.

    You could try turning your the quality all the way down through the game options and see if that helps, but in the end, the card might just not be able to handle it.

    Sorry. I really wish I had better news. :(
  • Hi and thanks for the answers!

    I haven't tried the earlier CSI game in a long time, maybe I'll give it a go some day and see if it works now.

    Too bad I can't finish the new CSI :( But maybe I'll ask Santa for a new video card :)

    Anyways, thank you Emily for your help and have a nice Christmas!
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