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DejaVu Season Tvu

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Hello fellow Sam and Max friends,

I lately was watching the season two Trailers and
screens and everything again. I wanted to get hyped
about it ....

I am sure we had this discussion a million times ...

But is it just me or are we getting far too much repetitive content ?!?!

I mean how often should a character reappear in an Adventure ?
How often should side characters reappear ?

I mean I thought ... alright Season One was quite nice for season one.
But the last thing I wanted to have is Season two

Same characters different place thing ....

Let Sam and Max Hit the Road ... as they always did before !
Where are those sights/places which are just criticism themselves.

Aye ...
I was going to buy the whole season again ... but I am out ... seems like I have seen this before ... Its more than a few jokes what makes Sam and Max the funniest Dog and Rabbit Posse .. it is the Ambiente ... the shifti looking stuff the stuff that seems like a jungle but turns into the central park ... The whole upside down thing ....

You know what I mean ?
Where is the love ?
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  • AAAAaaaaAAAAAaaaaaAAAAAAaaaa I was raised by a cup of coffee
  • It could be that the trailer focuses on older stuff to avoid spoilers.

    I started playing the new episode this morning, and I have to say, I like how they've shaken things up so far.
  • And this little weirdo... would be a modestly hot girl to help me through the hard times. You know, the kind that are only sorta hot so they don't mess around with other guys.
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    LuigiHann;45372 said:
    ...I like how they've shaken things up so far.
    :D Nice play on words!
  • I think it's nice to see some familiar faces. It's like a TV show where supporting characters show up in various seasons (sometimes all seasons). I love what I've seen so far. A whacky Sam and Max Christmas soulds like fun.

    As annoying as the Soda Poppers are, i think I kind of miss them. HELP! I must need therapy.
  • Well thanks for your feedback :)

    I really appreciate it !

    Guess I'll give EP201 a shot.
  • i would say we should at least wait til episode 2 to really get the impression what might be used to much or to few. the problem with the trailers might be that they don't want to give away to much of the new stuff or some of it isn't 100% finished..
  • yeh the soda poppers have gotta be in it, they are regulars. Heck i think i would miss them if they were not in it.
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