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How to transfer game play to a new install

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Hi all,
I had recently purchased the 1st episode of TWD for my new iPad, but later realized I had used the wrong Apple User ID when I setup my iPad. It's an old ID from the days of MobileMe. The problem is that I have lots of credits on my current Apple ID account, so I need to repurchase TWD using that account. That way, when I upgrade to purchase all the remaining episodes, I can use my credits on that account.
So, my question: Is there a way to export/import my game play for episode 1 to a newly installed game under a different username? I don't want to have to replay the entire episode. I'll need to uninstall TWD from my iPad, then reinstall it using my current Apple ID. Then I hope to be able to import the play info from episode one into this new installation. Any help would be appreciated!
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