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Clem's Presence and Ben's Fate

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This is just to see the influence of Clem's presence on player's decision making.

Vote please!
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  • I took Clem to Crawford, allowed her to vote on kicking Ben out of the group, and pulled Ben up. She deserves to be taken to Crawford, And Ben deserved to be Pulled up. I wanted to see him redeem himself, Even though I left him to guard the boat. We'll see how it turns out.
  • I let her come, and let her vote but I already decided that I'd save Slim Ben. Clemie-Clem had nothing to do with my desicion apart from being cute as usual.
    I also got everyone to help my find least I did until my 3, 24-hour-long saves got corrupted again!! >:[
    Now I have go through my Carley phase again....nooooooooooooooooooooo! T_T Why?! Why Car, why?!

    Telltale should really let people know before the update that not opening up the game would keep saves! If they can't fix the damn problem, they can at least admit there is one! (and how about updating your blog for EU psn releases? It's like we don't exist--and don't deny it, I hear nothing about it after it comes out. Period.)
  • I saved Ben because Doug died saving him. Ben needs to redeem big time if he wants to die.
  • I saved Ben because...well it seemed pretty messed up to just let him die..even if he was a worthless piece of garbage most the time. It had nothing to do with Clem or anything, I just felt it was right. Like I was mad at Lily for killing Carley I really liked her but I still brought her back in the RV. Just the kinda person I am I guess. :P
  • I'm curious about the people that actually dropped Ben the first time around.

    There's a clear pattern emerging of people that pulled Ben up. A clear majority brought Clem.

    I'm guessing that of the people that dropped Ben, they left Clem behind. But no way to tell until they vote or TT gives some numbers!
  • I didn't bring Clem along, but I still defended Ben when Kenny lashed out at him, and pulled him up later on. If I had brought Clem along, it would have only reassured me about my decision of fully backing Ben up :D
  • Well, I didn't bring Clem because I thought Crawford would still be alive and we'd be getting shot at. I dropped him because it looked like there was no time to save him, and staying any longer than we had to at Crawford probably would have resulted in another person's death. I dropped him to get the rest of the group to safety, and felt like total shit afterward. Especially when I had to explain it to Clem. If I'd brought her along, I probably would have pulled him up.
  • Interesting topic. I brought Clem along (not sure if that was the right choice but I did), allowed her to vote, then I voted to kick Ben out of the group and dropped him. I'm generally as nice as I can be to Clem but if I believe she's wrong on something, then, well she's wrong.
  • Red Panda;711647 said:
    This is just to see the influence of Clem's presence on player's decision making.

    Vote please!
    She is my queen, i do what she commands.
  • Took Clem along, allowed her to vote and dropped Ben.... I don't care if you guys want to quote me saying a load of shit, because I chose what I chose for my reasons. I listened to clem but I didn't want her to rule my decisions I wanted them to be based on what I have seen not what she thinks, I allowed her to vote because I wanted her to feel included but I don't want to have to carry out her thoughts all the time otherwise they turn into demands and orders not ideas.
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