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Omid as the Season 2 Protagonist

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Makes senses, doesn't it? We hardly know anything about him. He's only had a few lines. He has Christa and potentially a new baby to look after, and Clem.

He's an ideal character for the player to control and make decisions for.

I'm not advocating for him to be the season 2 protagonist. I'm not too fond of him as a character, but I'm saying it would make the most sense of the current cast.
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  • he is comic relief, not leading man material :)
  • We know even less about Christa, tbh, even though she's had more presence. Also Christa is the one that usually save's Omid's ass, not the other way around. Omid even said so himself.

    Christa for season 2 protag! :)
  • I do like him and hope to see alot of him in ep 5.
    Sucks that he was sick through the whole ep 4.
  • ..I'd like that too.
    Or Kenny, If he survives. He can take care of Clem! Yay for Ken!
  • There's no way Kenny will live. He's probably just as likely to be the cause of his own death as the walkie-guy, or walkers, or anything else really. Omid probably wouldn't be the best lead for season 2, and I think they'll just come up with a new cast.
  • 'plays ep5'

    omid dies within 5 minutes


    omid survives to the end chapter is sat on the boat happy he lived about to say something awesome to clem /christa but suddenly a walker jumps out the water and claims him.
  • I don't think any person of S1 will be a protagonist in S2, maybe 1 or 2 characters from S1 will have a short appearance, but nothing beyond that.
    You have to keep in mind that the player shapes the personality of the protagonist. All characters of S1 already have a personality shaped by TTG, it just wouldn't leave enough room for the player to decide how to play with already knowing Omid is that little geeky and generally nice and optimistic guy.
  • Nah, the character's too well defined already. I think if they do a character that we've already seen then it will be Molly, unless her character is further developed in ep 5.
  • Now playing as Molly I could get behind. But she's a loner, not a team player, so it would be harder to do.
  • Omids funny and drawn brilliantly. But no. He could be there.
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