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Ipad Walking dead Ep 3 disappeared, won't re-download

posted by Kcander on - last edited - Viewed by 338 users
Playing ep 3 on the bus this morning on my ipad, I exited the game. When I came back later to continue, episode 3 was gone. The save file with my progress to "the herd" still exists, but when I select it, it asks me to "get" the episode again. Additionally, when I click get, it sits at 0.00%, then eventually times out and asks me to check internet connection and try again. My connection is solid, I've rebooted several times and retried with no success. As I said, the save still exists, but episode 3 has disappeared and I can't redownload. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I've really enjoyed the game to this point.

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  • Strange, I tried a few more times and all the sudden it showed up again and allowed me to continue. Had some trouble tapping on Omid, but got that to work and finished the episode, so it appears all is well.
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