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Most heartwarming scene of the Walking Dead

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Well despite the dreary and hopeless tone set forth in the game there were some really sentimental moments in between. I would like to know what fans thought was one of the most touching scenes in the game so far.

Mine would have to be when Lee says that he didn't think Clem's parents would be in Crawford since they were good people. When Clem asks why he thinks they're good he says, "well they raised you didn't they?". :D
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  • a part made me cry wuz when duck had been shot by Lee/Kenny.
    personaly i shot him
  • Carley and Lee having their "almost" moment.

    One bit of normality in a sea of "we're screwed and more screwed"
  • I would have to go with any Lee/Clem bonding moment.
  • Maybe it's the dad in me, but I've grown quite fond of that li'l girl and when I/Lee realized Clem was misssing & then I got bitten I was hit with a wave of despair. I was all "NO, NO, NO, this can't be happening. I have to find her, but how, I'm a dead man"
    And then Kenny told me that no matter what, he was with me 'till the bitter end and my fear was replaced by furious determination and I knew everything was going to be okay.
  • I can't really pick. If i HAD to, I'd probably say Lee and Clem's little chat after coming up with a plan to get into Crawford. A close second would probably be Clem finding the boat and thinking "we might actually make it" for the first time since the end of Episode 2.
  • For me it would be the little "you're important for me" kiss Carley gave Lee in the cheek. The way she said "don't call me small" right to his ear gave me a cozy and hopeful feeling.
  • Giving Clem her hat. :)
  • Zeruis;712091 said:
    I would have to go with any Lee/Clem bonding moment.
    this this this this this...

    and clems i don't know

    duck being 'robin' and asking for a high five.

    and everytime lee says sweetpea even when he's telling clem off.
  • For sure when Lee and Carley are bonding. When Lee is pushing Clem on the swing is also pretty hartwarming, as is Lee promising clementine to set up a school for her once they get someplace safe.
  • When Lee offered to teach Clem and when he got her the hat. Those two times made me smile. :D

    And when Kenny found the boat
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