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Sam and Max S2E1

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I just started playing Ice Station Santa through Gametap (love it, by the way, and I'm definitely buying the season tomorrow to support the awesome work you're doing even though I have Gametap). One of the first things I noticed is that hitting space now pauses the game, instead of skipping dialog. While I do think this is a great new feature, I'm also finding myself wishing that I could skip ahead if I start to go down a dialog tree that I've heard before.
I tried pressing everything (and discovered the F5 and F8 quick save and quick load in the process), but no luck - is there any way to do this? If not, will there be a way in the future? I hope its just an oversight, cause while not a game-killer at all, it does help a lot (especially when I'm going exploring every dialog possibility to catch all the hilarious stuff you guys put in here).

Nevermind, I just found out that right-clicking does exactly what I was looking for (about 20 seconds after I made this post). Thanks again for the great game (and I love the semi-interactive credits, by the way)!
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