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  • Nice one, didn't need it myself but neat to see the Trivia setup is a bit more complicated than I figured it :)
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    Dangerzone wrote: »
    ever hear of a ruth goldberg contraption?...

    Actually, it's a Rube Goldberg contraption. Read more here.
  • how do you defeat jimmy
  • Look at Telltale's official walkthrough.

    ... I could just say it here but I can't be stuffed.
  • I'm a little late i know, but to box jimmy, when he raises his left hand, dodge left and punch, when he raises his right hand, dodge right and punch. Kepp doing this and you'll win. Hope this helps. :D
  • I couldn't do this episode because of the record part. I ABSOLUTELY HATE THESE KINDS OF POETRY PUZZLES! How we are supposed to know the answers? The official walkthrough doesn't help at all on the how. It just gives away the answers.
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