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Feliz Dia de los Muertos!

posted by Murray the Chao on - last edited - Viewed by 259 users
Now, no monkey business this time, Calavera!

Mannnny! Yooooouuuu prooooommmmiiiiiiised!
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  • I cannot wait for this to get locked.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    Darth Marsden;712843 said:
    I cannot wait for this to get locked.
    Why? Dia de los Muertos is a real holiday. The Manny references were just obligatory, since that's the reason most adventure gamers know this holiday. :)

    That said, I used The Day of The Dead as an excuse to make more Halloween-themed monster reviews on my website. :D

    I planned to write one for Grim Fandango to cap the celebration off, but I was sick yesterday and slept most of the day. I'm considering continuing the reviews into today, as kind of a post-Day of the Dead celebration so I can keep doing the monster reviews. They've been pretty fun to do. :D
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