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Stuttering Music?

posted by Yit on - last edited - Viewed by 765 users
I just got episode 201, and all the sound works perfectly except the music. It sort of "restarts" as in it goes back to the beginning, but sometimes very quickly, over and over, sort of "skipping." Any ideas?

EDIT: I really wanna listen to Jared's Brilliance... But I suppose I might have to just turn off the music.
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  • Any particular scene where this is happening, or is it in all of them?
  • Doh! I wrote up a reply to this yesterday, but apparently I forgot to hit Post.

    Ok, first thing to try is to go to your Control Panel and go to Sounds and Audio Devices. On the first tab, click Advanced on the speaker settings at the bottom. Then go to the Performance tab and try adjusting your Hardware Acceleration.

    If that doesn't fix it, try updating your sound drivers and your DirectX.

    Hope that helps!
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