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Could the herd in Ep 3-4 be the one in the original series?

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In the comics and TV series, there's a large herd of zombies that attack Hershel's farm. Could it be the same one we met at the train? Because Rick was in that coma for a while.
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  • plausible, but i dont know the comics that we'll but i think this happens a little before that.
  • The game is meant to be based off the comics which are canon, whereas the show is essentially a whole different entity.

    At this time in the comics the group would still be near Atlanta. The herd that they found on the highway were from atlanta and traveling northward on interstate 85. Atlanta is northwest of both macon and savannah so it's highly unlikely since they'd be far away going in the opposite direction of Lee's group.
  • Every major city would have a herd due to the large population count, look at Louisiana during Katrina and NJ and NY during Sandy, even though people were warned and a large majority could have left in ample time, they chose to stay and rough it out with luck on their side.

    I did the same when I was in Virginia and the big hurricane from 2002-2003 came, we chose to stay even though we could have moved. I think most people have that mentality, stick it out which in a ZA would be worse when the dead rise again as more combatants.
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