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iOS- Date for episode 4

posted by jedgej on - last edited - Viewed by 258 users
Does anyone know when episode-4 will come out for iOS devices. Because I'm getting annoid that all my freinds are downloading it on the xbox and PC and I'm still having to wait :(
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    No idea. i've been waiting for centuries too. had to avoid spoilers carefully
    Can TTG just give an approximate release date?
  • Ahem. (Insert TTG moderator giving some sort of response).

    Not trying to be a whiney baby here, but when I pre-pay for the episodes, I really just want to feel respected. A tentative release date would certainly go a long way towards that.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    A release date can not be given. Sometimes not even a tentative one. This has to do with Telltale's tight schedules and Apple's certification process.

    Please keep release date discussion in the release date thread. :)
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