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Can you survive a zombie apocalypse?

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as you've seen in TWD its hard

I could survive if I had a silent gun and a sword.
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  • If i leave the city maybe.
  • I wouldn't say I'm a loner but I can go weeks without human interaction and don't get attached very easily.

    I'm pretty sure I'll be able to keep from doing anything too reckless or stupid, although I can just see myself avoiding people altogether and going on scavenging ops under cover of nightfall. Don't know if it would be much of a life.
  • No one knows. I'm pretty sure many people would "opt out" if this actually happened, like Dr.Jenner said in the tv show. I don't know, I may survive.
  • It's really hard to say, were as I know my military training and kenjutsu would come in handy, it would really depend on where I was and if I'd be able to get to my heavier weapons when it broke out.
    My wife and sons locations would also be a consideration as I would react very differently if they were with me, say on the weekend vs. a week day when myself & my wife would be at work and my sons at school.
  • of course i survive!!!!!!!

    i am from austria

    nothing els than mountains and strange weirdoes with a s**t load of weapons on them

    than again i´m to lazy to walk up there xD
  • I might. There're lot of possibilities I wouldn't make it, though, and maybe get killed by the living, not the dead.
  • In the opening days, I'd probably starve to death waiting for the power to come back on. Failing that, I'd choke to death after finding a large supply of food and eating too fast because I had nearly starved to death.
  • Would be far from the first apocalypse I've survived.
  • thestalkinghead;713429 said:
    i think i have the potential to survive, but it wouldn't make a good story i would mainly just hide in places zombies couldn't get to and move by using rooftops (terrace housing in my area makes this quite possible), the only drama in that story would be internal thought
  • Typicaljacob;713938 said:
    minus the badass, i would avoid all danger if possible :)
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