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Help off or on?

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Which setting gives the best ingame experience? Should the help hud be off or on?
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  • I think the hud should be on to make no distruptions in the general pacing and flow of the story and the speed of emotional jams you're going to get in.
  • The help makes things a lot easier to get through the first time, and provides little text cues that let you know what kinds of decisions matter in the game. Without some of the text cues, I would have felt differently about the things I did, so i'd say keep it on.
  • I personally have them off, even in the first playthrough of every episode. Not for any specially reason though.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Whatever you do with the story notification settings, make sure that the hotspot help is ON. Some QTEs are next to impossible to master without.
  • Yeah, pretty much what Vainamoinen said. You might sometimes miss something that's important, and it gets annoying when you do a QTE and can't find where to click, so it helps to have the hot spot help on.
  • I have them off because that way, some of the choices may surprise me with their consequences.

    Besides, most of them are redundant anyway. If you choose to, say, shoot Brian, a notification will pop up saying "YOU SHOT BRIAN", or "BRIAN IS NOW DEAD". I find them off putting.

    P.S. There was no spoiler in that example. There isn´t even a character named Brian :D
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