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Which branch of military or unit would survive best?

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which branch or unit of military do you think would survive best in a zombie apocalypse? its can be just generalized like navy, army or specific like green berret special forces or army rangers. i say marine recon because they are the elite of the marines, and marines are pretty good damn soldiers. plus i like the marines and enlisting soon :)
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  • Black ops lol or the Marines(since they are best)
  • I'd imagine most Special Operations units would have a much better chance than your average joe. SFOD, SEALs, Rangers, you name it, they'd all do relatively well.
  • navy in active duty, mainly because they are away from most of the danger, some will be zombie ships but most would be good
  • thestalkinghead;713954 said:
    navy in active duty, mainly because they are away from most of the danger, some will be zombie ships but most would be good
    I agree, navy personnel on-board ships would be my first thought too. However it could be bad for them in confined quarters with nowhere to go when a few turned but I would hope they were among the first to know this.

    I do think ground wise that those who have the military training or were taught as a kid to survive in the wilderness would be the best survivors, even the sailors eventually need to come ashore to resupply for food.
  • i agree demonseed, they do need to resupply. but another point i have is, what if a wave a suicides happen? like in season one at the CDC. they were confined and armed. but they miss their families or feel they have nothing left. and finding fuel for the ship would be a hard as an erection to fill up (if you wanna risk not having to refuel so much). maybe they'll go crazy in the ship itself. so.... thoughts?
  • The Air Force will survive.
    Ships are confined space. One unnoticed death and there goes a perfectly good Frigate.
    The marines...tough as all be damned will end up cut-off from the rear due to their never run policy.
    The army will be sitting ducks as logistic kings, the public will over run their encampments.
    The Air Force will be the masters of hit and run supplies operations. They will clear the ground with ease and simply take whatever is available more often then ground troops. Air Force men and women are not ice cream parlor vendors. They can bust a cap just as good as any other branch. In the end, when the dead roam freely, he who owns the air makes the rules.
  • Not a single one of them. I'd nearly bet that the armed forces were some of the first ones wiped out as they have a leave no injured behind policy. So, simply by bringing back the bitten would immediately jeopardize their survival. Especially not knowing at the beginning that the bite kills.
  • The coast gaurd... Why? um.. because no one else is going to vote for them and they have pretty white boats.
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