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Somebody Help (English language)

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I've been a gamer for the almost past 15 years
But still I have lots of problem with English language
English is my secondary language and I always trying to learn more Words in English
but still I have a lot of problem with new words that used in games and lots of them are unknown for me:confused:

What kind of words should I learn to become able to understand 99 percent of game's dialogs ?

What will you offer ?
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  • I don't think anyone could give you such a list. Adventure games like the kind Telltale makes are like novels and can use any common word in the language. I suggest you turn on captions when playing, so you can also read when people are talking. It might help to play with someone else to see if he or she understands something you miss.
  • Yeah, it's really hard to give you a list of words you should learn, because that'd be a whole bunch of the English language, and even then we'd probably miss a bunch out.

    If you remember your other thread, where you asked us to explain what certain words and expressions meant - I thought that was a good way of doing it. When you try it yourself and ask for help when you get stuck, it helps you remember it better than if someone just told you. At least, I think so, anyway.
  • "I can't use that now."
  • No no no... it's "I can't do that" or "I can't use these things together".
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    Thanks for help
    I think you're right I should continue my previous topic
    I've learned some important sentence in previous topic
    But after I've tryed a new method I leave previous topic
    but old method was better
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