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The herd

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Is it just me or is the herd's speed plot convenient? I mean the group spent maybe an hour or so in the train station and the herd already reaches them but in Savannah, it takes them like 12 hours to reach the group.
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    Well... this is a made up story, everything is plot convenient.
  • Not really, we've no idea how long the train to Savvanah took, it could've taken 12 hours for all we know, or maybe there was a tunnel in which the walkers got bottle necked, slowing them down. I think you're being a little pedantic.
  • The walkers that arrived first were probably the walkers that were closer to Savannah when the train arrived. I bet you there are a lot more walkers coming :D
  • there are walkers everywhere.
    so its very possible since the train is loud enough to trigger zombies
  • Kenny stated the train travels at about 40 mph.
    The distance between Macon and Savannah is 160 to 170 miles, aprox a 4 to 5 hour trip non stop. We dont really know how far they traveled in the RV or exactally how long they stop at the station, but my guess is multiple herds.
  • There would be more walkers between the train station, where the herd was first encountered, and Savannah. Plus, they've been in Savannah for about two days by the time we see the herd at the end of Episode 4, so that would be plenty of time for them to get there I think.
  • I don't think it was the walkers from the train station, I think it is a local herd. There are so many possible distractions that could move that herd off into another direction (animals in the woods, other survivors, etc) I believe it is a stretch they would be the ones to make there. It is possible.....
  • It's possible, but it is made up so anything can happen, I think you're looking at this too literally. We don't know if it was the same herd of zombies or another. By this point there are a lot of zombies walking about and could well be another herd, you don't know.
  • I would say that the speed is plot convenient... because we're playing a game with a plot.

    I've never really understood the argument regarding plot convenience. I understand over-contrivance but you need some contrivance sometimes or else the story's cohesion suffers.

    It would be great to have totally random adventures but, sadly, this is not possible.
    Only the illusion of randomness, coupled with the suspension of disbelief, is possible.
  • yeah but if the train stopped then there is no more noise, so what is it that brought them into the city?

    If anything shouldn't they just hang around the train for a bit?
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