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Walking Dead Win 7 Steam - Finishing Episode 2 Resets Save to Episode 1 After Reset

posted by Bragglemuffin on - last edited - Viewed by 476 users
- Finish ep 1
- Quit game and copy prefs.prop from steam common folder to documents folder. Did not delete former after copy
- Finish ep 2
- Quit game. Copy prefs.prop from steam common folder to doc folder. Did not delete former after copy
- Restart game

Episode 2 save ( dated 11:35pm). Episode 2 has stats and rewind options. Start ep 3 with decisions intact.

Episode 1 save ( dated 5:26pm). Episode 1 has stats and rewind option and decisions intact.

Additional Notes:
I had actually played to the end of episode 2 previously when the same thing happened. I removed and restarted the game to try again. I would copy the prefs.prop from commons to docs because that's what fixed my decisions at the end of episode 1 (partially). In that play-through, I had started episode 3 with decisions partially intact, but characters referring to a decision I did not make in episode 1 annoyed me enough that I copied the prefs.prop from the commons directory to the docs directory. In hindsight, I should have made backups... both times. Well. I suspect that the problem is the prefs.prop is saved to commons at the end of episode 1, and to the documents folder at the end of episode 2. Also, I tried deleting the docs folder with all the saves in it to no avail. Funnily enough, the episode 1 save still existed. Deleting both default/pack/prefs.prop and the docs folder does remove all saves. This leads me to believe that some save information exists in prefs.prop and, more importantly, the game is searching both directories for the prefs.prop. If it can only find one, it will use that one. I suspect the save code is using multiple path variables which it assumes are the same.

Telltale, please PM me if you want more information. I love the game and want to see it working. Suffice to say, I'm not going to spend another X hours playing through episode 2 again.
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