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Unable to have multiple save files?

posted by stindo on - Viewed by 178 users
I'm having trouble with trying to have more than one save file. I had played through all four episodes start to finish in my game 1 file. Today I tried to start a new game by going to the second slot (new game). It ended up deleting my original play through which sucks, but now I'm just trying to create two files to play through, so that I can have one close to my original and the new one I intended to start today. I started a new game and played through the first chapter. When I tried to start another new game in file 2 it deleted the one I had just created. Then I tried copying file 1 to file 2 and playing from there. I played a couple of chapters and now when I go back to either file i t picks up where I left off in file 2. I went back to file 1 and rewound to where I had left off and played a chapter and now both files are where I left off in file 1. No matter what I do it seems like I can only have one save file and any others I create are just copies of it.

This is very quickly ruining what I had previously thought was a tremendous game, but the best part was that each person's story was somewhat unique and now thats gone. It also seems as if I won't be able to have more than one playthrough of the game without completely wiping out any previous playthroughs which wouldn't be a huge issue if I could actually finish the game, but you haven't released episode 5 yet.
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