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[SPOILERS] The Walking Dead Season 3 EP.4 Discussion

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I have seen people talking about how they think it is really Carl's story after watching it.I really enjoyed it and I can't wait for the next one,what do you think?
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  • I think Carl's gonna become a sociopath just like in the comics. On the same subject, I think Carol's gonna die next episode.
  • That1Guy;715311 said:
    I think Carl's gonna become a sociopath just like in the comics. On the same subject, I think Carol's gonna die next episode.
    I think Carol will be alright,for now...!
  • Shit, this episode was depressing. Just like the game: everyone wanted Lori to die, she dies. Instead of happiness, sadness ensues. How stupid were they to kill off T-Dog though? Guy gets some lines of significance, and they kill him off.
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    That's how token black guys work in shows, Zeruis. He got exchanged into the intense stare gun fetcher.

    Anyway, I don't mind Lori dying, all she did was bitch, got on my nerves and took up show's time! I sure hope it won't become Carl's story, though. That little fella is extremely boring.

    And all the people who read the comic, this thread is for the ep that has aired discussion, not for spoiling major events, because you've read the comics. So yeah, thanks for those.
  • Well, I said to my mother "I think T-Dog is gonna die soon" while we were watching it, and about 5 minutes later... yeesh, I never thought much of the guy but I'm sad to see him go. He had some potential, just like Chuck from Episode 4 of the game. At least they both went out like heroes.
  • T-Dog. Poor guy. But when I realized someone was going to have to cut Lori open, I just thought, "Well, shit." And why is everyone saying Carl is a boring/annoying character. I think he's become kind of a badass. Most mature kid i've ever seen.
  • I think the show has a one Black guy limit.Either the prisoner Oscar or perhaps dare I say Tyreese will join Rick's group.That's why poor T-Dog had to go :(
  • Lori's death was sick, though I hoping they would stay faithful to the comics. That was one of the most dramatic moments in the series.

    T-Dog... I'm happy to see him go. I hope the walking cliche that he was dies with him. Plus his character wasn't developed at all. He should have been killed or developed a long time ago.
  • yeah T-dog was disposable it wouldve been great to get to know the character a bit more but the writers didnt flesh him out....overall i think theyre burning through the prison storylines too fast this is where the best stories in the walking dead take place
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