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Character Hate Thread (all versions)

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I mentioned before I wuz going to do this so here
reply, vote, do whatever.
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    Profanity BANNED
    You're missing quite a bit of characters.
  • Profanity;715424 said:
    You're missing quite a bit of characters.
    50 is the poll maximum
    What do you want me to do.
    just choose
  • That moment you realize you think everyone is awesome. It just happened.
  • I HATE TV show Andrea. She is so stupid!
  • The Grimes family in the TV show. In the comics, everyone who isn't dead by the time Fear The Hunters rolls out. I don't think I actively hate anyone in the videogame, I don't like Kenny's attitude, but I have some respect for the guy.
  • Video game: Larry and Brie.

    Comics: Rick and Carl.

    Tv show: Lori.
  • Game: Danny St. John, Larry, and the walkie-guy.

    TV Show: Maggie and Lori

    Comics: Nobody?
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