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How much do you need to work to buy a PS3 in your country ? (as a simple employe)

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Hi, this is my question
How much do you need to work to buy a PS3 in your country ? (as a simple employee)

I'm living in the Iran and we need to work about 80 days to buy a PS3 :(
God help us :(
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  • About 4 days.
    (When I had my saturday job, I earned about £220 a month, so thats enough to BUY a PS3, (well... now it is considering price drops of course), but of course its not quite as simple, when you take into account tax and living expenses. Then it would likely be about a month of work)
  • 3 days.
    about $300 dollars
    I work part-time,so.
    I get may payments every week so... a week
  • N7.;715867 said:
    God help us :(
    The melodrama made me laugh.
  • Uh, a week, maybe a week and a half.

    Wait! Are we buying pre-owned? If not, then two weeks. I'm doing 20 hours, which is £120ish a week, so...
  • Before Taxes = 1 day

    After Taxes = The Rest Of My Life.
  • I did the calculations. Three to four days, depending on the model.

    Though, I also don't want a PS3. I'm perfectly happy not playing games on my current system to want another system to not play games on.
  • ~3 days.

    I bought my slim model used on eBay which took me roughly a day and a half to pay for.

    EDIT: Okay... let me just say that I do have other bills and expenses. I have a $750/month home mortgage, electricity, natural gas, DSL+home phone, car insurance, cable TV (albeit limited basic cable which is $15/mo), water+sewer+trash, Netflix, food, and I have to fill my car with gasoline every other week. It's not like we "middle-class" in America have craptons of cash to throw around.

    ...except on iPhones. iPhones are $60 per month, per phone at least and that's just for the plan, not the initial purchase of the phone, so I don't get why so many people have one. If a family has 3 iPhones--one for mom, one for dad, one for kid--that's $180 per month. MINIMUM. Just on cellphones. How do people justify this??
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    Secret Fawful;716838 said:
    Four months.
    Do you kidding me ? then you just earn 80 dollar each month :confused:

    What the hell of job do you have ? :eek:
    Don't you living in the Iran ?:D
  • The best paying job around here in the heart of farmer country in America that would hire me would probably only net me 100 dollars a month.
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