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Episode 201 - White Screen Issue

posted by AtionSong on - last edited - Viewed by 319 users
I've been having a problem with ep201 for the past few days. I downloaded it from Gametap, and it worked fine for the most part. However, occasionally (like 1/5 times), when I change areas (i.e. enter or exit the office, boscos, go to North Pole, etc.), the game freezes, then after a few seconds, the screen turns completely white. After a few more seconds, the program closes and I get a generic error message.

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    Will BANNED
    How does your system compare to the recommended specs? If it is pretty low end, particularly in the RAM department, its conceivable that you are running out of available memory during scene transitions.

    If that is the case, make sure you have as few programs as possible running in the background (generally a good idea under any circumstances).
  • I also get the occasional white screen, just a flash though. First noticed it during the Boxing minigame, but thought it was a camera flash or something and didn't think much of it. It seems to happen most often inside Stinky's and on the street. Not game breaking, but certainly distracting.
  • I had the exact same problem in season one. Try options in the game menu, and check if the screen resolution is set correctly.
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